Invoicing & Suspension

This article covers invoicing policies for ModoHosting hosting accounts, including invoice dates, renewal dates, and overdue policies.

*   Renewal Dates: Hosting accounts are renewed on an anniversary basis. For example: If you purchased a monthly hosting account on the 25th of the month, your hosting account will renew on the 25th of the following month. The same applies to all other available billing cycles. Renewal dates are not the same as invoice dates.

*   Invoice Dates: Hosting accounts are invoiced 10 days prior to the package renewal date. An invoice notification email is sent out at the time of invoice generation indicating your current method of payment, as well as payment options.
Invoices are due within 9 days of invoice generation. If you have a credit card stored in our system, your card will be charged on this 9th day after the invoice is generated.

*   Suspension: You have 10 days after invoice generation to pay it. So you have 20 days to pay the invoice in general. Invoices that remain unpaid, may result in suspension of your web hosting services. We send a notification email of unpaid invoices before suspending an account for being past due. Your account will be suspended when the final email notification is sent out. This provides our customers with ample time to pay their invoices.

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